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Re: stable-update-proposal: debian-edu-doc

Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> writes:

> I propose to update the version of debian-edu-doc in the stable
> repository from 0.6.20070721 to 0.9.20071124.


> After all, it's all only documentation, no maintainer scripts, nothing 
> outside /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/.
> We'll get one problem though: the size of the binary package has been 
> increased from 6.4M to 16M, so there will be some packages that were on the 
> etch r0 DVD, which will not make it on the r1 DVD. This needs to be reviewed 
> and checked if it's ok.

I checked the diff for the package lists between debian-edu-etch-dvd
and debian-edu-etch-test-dvd, and the only packages removed in
etch-test-dvd was three texlive-packages and the zd1211-source

So I have moved the debian-edu-doc (0.9.20071124) to the stable

- Werner

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