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removal of ikt book, arkitektur and kurs document from d-e-doc


as you could see, debian-edu-doc 0.9.20071121 was rejected by Jörg Jaspert 
from entering Debian main, because it had non-free build-depends. (Shame on 
me that I didnt discover this, as I'm an ftpmaster in Debian Edu and we have 
the same policy regarding non-free as Debian... ;)

Anyway, the problem was the build-depends on tth, to which latex2html is the 
only alternative - to the best of my knowledge, I've not researched this 

tth was used by the ikt book and the arkitektur document, which was included 
by the kurs document.

The ikt book describes sarge (I know it has some general stuff too), the 
arkitektur document is included in the release-manual (which is part of 
debian-edu-dco) and the kurs document was last edited when woody was stable. 

And, they are all available online and in svn:


Therefore I'm removing them from the debian-edu-doc package. (Currently still 
locally building and testing, before commiting.)

If you are interested in fixing this build depends and reinclude them, please 
go ahead, I believe it is more useful to work on the documentation of the 
current release. The release which last included these documents is available 
at svn://svn.debian.org/svn/debian-edu/tags/src/debian-edu-doc/0.9.20071121/

The source and binary package are currently still online at 
- if I'd take our archive policy literally, I should remove them immediatly.


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