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Re: Are we ready to release 3.0r1?


On Wednesday 21 November 2007 19:12, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> this is good news. I feel the release information should be revised by
> developers AND users, as they have sometimes different views of what is
> important.

Sure. Please go ahead!


We are all volunteers, if no user steps up, pity. If the german translation of 
the release manual is progressing slowly and is not ready for r1, pity. But 
I, you, we, cant force any volunteer to work on anything.

> Recently I listed some (next-to-crucial) packages (kdeaddons,
> kicker-applets etc.) that are not on the DVD. The release notes should
> mention if this is fixed. 

They are not, #1274 is still open.

> Is there any chance to alter the package selection? Or is it to risky as
> this could mean new conflicts?

In general, this is risky. Though testing (and reviewing the output of the 
build scripts) can help to cope with these risks. Now, today, I would simply 
say it's too late. But, maybe this is just me...


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