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Re: Advice on elementary school environment


if you want to use KDE for little kids, you can also take a look to mEDUXa 
desktop for primary schools:



Here is a more technical description (in spanish) about the job done:


and get the configuration files from mEDUXa 1.2 from launchpad:


You won't find there the last versión. We have fixed a couple of bugs since, 
but that is 99% of the kiosk config files.


El Viernes, 2 de Noviembre de 2007 13:58, Holger Levsen escribió:
> Hi Pablo,
> On Friday 02 November 2007 14:19, Pablo Pita Leira wrote:
> > I wanted to point you to the desktops of the Linex Edu people for three
> > different age groups (pages in spanish, but nice screens). They are gnome
> > based in this case.
> > http://www.educarex.es/linexcolegios/
> Interesting.
> Unfortunatly there are no screenshots from the different desktops, so I
> cannot really tell how the three desktops differ... can you explain?
> regards,
> 	Holger

Agustín Benito Bethencourt
Director de Ejercicios Resueltos SLU (Grupo CPD)

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