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[Bug 484] Unable to install on Adaptec 2100S raidcard when in Fujitsu Siemens TX150.


------- Additional Comments From bjarne@elb.as  2007-11-03 13:48 -------
I'm sorry, but I did not have time to test on the tx150 before I went to 
Madagascar, and I won't be back until christmas. But as stated in my last 
comment, I did succeed on installing a tx200 which also used to have the same 
problem, using a testimage containing the fix mentioned in Petters comment on 
this bug 5th Oct. This server has been in production since, working perfectly. 
I will test the tx150 when I get back, but I will have to wait until school 
starts again after christmas. 

Feel free to pick up the server from Holumskogen skole, Gjelleråsen, Nittedal, 
if anyone wants to test and live nearby... I can send a mail to my contact 
there if needed.

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