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Re: [Bug 1064] samba configuration needs to be corrected for domain logons

Hi Ronny,

Am Mittwoch 31 Oktober 2007 schrieb Ronny Aasen:
> the second best is to exclude some things from the profile. eg
> redirect my documents to home/priv, and not sync things like IE
> cache, local settings and temp areas. (this is very site/application
> spesific so a sane default is hard to do)

How do you do this?

Unless there is a poll for windows users, how about an install 
option "no-roaming-profiles-for-samba" ? :)

Well, not too serious, but what about a howto or even a script how to 
reduce roaming to a maintainable minimum - and how to make quotas 
transparent to windows users?


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