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Re: [Bug 1064] samba configuration needs to be corrected for domain logons

RalfGesellensetter wrote:
Hi Ronny,

Am Mittwoch 31 Oktober 2007 schrieb Ronny Aasen:
the second best is to exclude some things from the profile. eg
redirect my documents to home/priv, and not sync things like IE
cache, local settings and temp areas. (this is very site/application
spesific so a sane default is hard to do)

How do you do this?

Unless there is a poll for windows users, how about an install option "no-roaming-profiles-for-samba" ? :)

Well, not too serious, but what about a howto or even a script how to reduce roaming to a maintainable minimum - and how to make quotas transparent to windows users?

I'll try to write up something on the samba part of the documentation. Perhaps even tomorrow, time permitting. but it's basicaly the same way you do it on a windows server. (poledit or gpedit) and you can use all the samba3 documentation about the same theme.


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