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Some measurements on LTSP network usage

I just did a measurement on how much data is transfered to and from a
thin client when it boots.  I used 'iftop -i eth1' on the thin client
server to measure this.

One thin client received 42 MiB and sent 3 MiB from being turned on
until the login screen showed up.

Klaus Ade tells me on IRC that a diskless workstation receives 117 MiB
and sends 12 MiB (average based on 70 machines booting).  These
clients had some extra stuff (samba, winbind), so the numbers might
not be representative for the default configuration in Debian Edu 3.0.

Anyone know how this compare to other thin client solutions?  How does
this compare to the nbd based option in newer LTSP?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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