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Load balancing support in LTSP in etch-test

During the development gathering this weekend, Ronny and me worked a
bit on adding load balancing support to the LTSP version in Debian Edu
3.0.  A version of ldm is now in etch-test with this support.  It make
it possible to configure LTSP to let the clients pick a ldm server at
random from a list, or to write a script to do more advanced selection
like based on server load.

To use it, specify several hosts in the LDM_SERVER variable in
lts.conf, and make sure the clients ssh know_hosts file include all
the servers listed in LDM_SERVER.  If you want more advanced load
balancing, a script /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/lib/ltsp/get_hosts need to be
created to print the server IP (or DNS name if DNS work on the

The server is selected by the client when it starts the X server (to
make sure the xfs server is the same as the ldm server).  In practice
this will make the clients select server at boot time.

I hope this will make LTSP in 3.0 r1 easier to use with many thin

Please test this feature in etch-test and provide feedback.  This
feedback will decide if the feature is ready for r1 or not.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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