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Re: Problems with Netinstall (Workstation)

Ralf Gesellensetter wrote:
Am Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2007 15:42:46 schrieb Bjarne Nielsen:
I have had problems with netinstall several times, usually it says wrong md5sum. The strange thing is that I used a cd to install from yesterday, today I took the cd out of the first server, and put it in to another, and
  yesterday everything works fine, today it fails...

Dear Bjarne, this sounds a bit different from my problem: Are you installing Servers? Maybe one server has a broken RAM or Hard disk?

We use local CD drives, is it possible to start installation from an extern hard disk where we copy the DVD image?


network booting the skolelinux installer

fai installing skolelinux machines

Ronny Aasen

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