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Re: KLIK - Userspace Software Installation

On Wed, 10 Oct 2007, RalfGesellensetter wrote:

again I like to raise the questions if there is
- any experiences with
- any objections against
KLIK. Making installations possible for users can make the system more
attractive for them and save administrators installation tasks.

Uhmm, I understood your first hint rather as a resource to _look_ _at_
_when_ _searching_ for interesting software that is not yet included but
might be valuable for Debian-Edu.  This software could then cleanly
packaged as a real Debian package which could be integrated.  I never
thought that you honestly would think about using KLIK as it is in

On the other hand, we won't get statistics from popcon for KLIK
installations - and home directories might grow too fast.

This would probably be the least of the problems you would gain.

Any further thoughts for this?

What about forgetting this thought?

Kind regards (and sorry for the harsh words)



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