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KLIK - Userspace Software Installation + Stats (popcon) + New Apps

Dear list,

while looking for more recent databases of free (edu) software, I 
re-encountered http://klik.atekon.de/

it seems to be installable by any user. Interesting which (non-free) 
commercial software packages are available there - seemingly even Ahead 
(TM) likes this way of software distribution.

For us, download/install statistics could be an interesting addition to 


Top 5 here in Educational branch:
1. kdissert 
2. ding
3. gcompris
4. tuxpaint
5. ksimus

Formerly unknown software there:
gpredict 0.4.0-7 Satellite tracking program for GNOME 
hanzim 1.3-1 Chinese character learning aid
drscheme 209-5 PLT Scheme Programming Environment
typespeed 0.4.4-8v1 Zap words flying across the screen by typing them
pyching 1.2.1-2 A Python program to cast and interpret I Ching hexagrams
mathwar 0.2.4-4 A flash card game designed to teach maths
gvr 1.2.1-2 Interactive, introductory programming language
qbrew 0.3.4-1 Homebrewer's recipe calculator (uses Qt)
gutenbrowser  Project Gutenberg Etext reader

Now, happy testing...


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