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Re: KLIK - Userspace Software Installation + Stats (popcon) + New Apps

Dear José

thank you for your hints. Indeed, all mentioned packages are in Debian.

Am Samstag 06 Oktober 2007 17:45 schrieb José L. Redrejo Rodríguez:
> On the other hand  I didn't know kdissert, currently semantic, and it
> seems very promising, thanks for the links.

I use kdissert for quite a while, as it is a good mind mapper to sort 
your concepts. It can export your thoughts to most important formats: 
Openoffice, TeX, PDF presentation (AFAIR). If you deal with young kids, 
however, I'd prefer vym for mindmapping as it has more eyecandiness and 
is easier to use for beginners.

With Openoffice 2.3 (which installs nicely with Skolelinux) you got the 
options of extensions (easy to install as known from Firefox). I found 
several educational templates there - but I wonder if there is a macro 
to generate and edit such concept maps from within Openoffice.org.

Kind regards

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