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Is gnutu something we should include?

I just came across gnutu student's schedule when looking at tablix.
tablix recently added support for exporting the schedule in gnutu
format, and this prompted me to check out gnutu.  To quote from the
project web page, <URL:http://www.gnutu.devnull.pl/>:

  GNUTU (Student's Schedule)
  is designed for students from primary and secondary schools - using
  it, you can note various information (like marks, tests' dates and
  important school events). It also can create various statistics,
  search for all entered data, calculate your average; it can also
  serve as a diary and many, many more...
  Application works in Linux and Windows operating system.

This sounds interesting for us.  Did anyone test it?  Is it useful to
get included in Debian and Debian Edu?  It seem to be missing in
Debian at the moment, and I did not find any WNPP request either.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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