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partitions and groups

Greeting all,

On the howto wiki, there is a recommendation to not have partitions over 20G. In that case, how do you have more home space? Is it by creating home1, home2, etc.? Is there any documentation for how to do that, and how to get users' homes onto those different partitions?

Secondly, I don't understand groups very well. Suppose I want to look at all the folders of students in grade 7. Their home folders are all jumbled up with everyone else in the school. Presumably I should be using some kind of group thingy?

Then I have a question about printers. Suppose I want all thin clients on ltspserver00 to default to printerX, and clients of ltspserver01 to printer Y. Or to prevent anyone in the group students from printing to printerZ.

Sorry to have so many annoying questions.


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