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request for new debian-edu-announce@lists.debian.org ML


I was wondering how users and admins can actually track the various important 
announcements and changes for debian-edu . I would think that it is time for 
a debian-edu-announce@l.d.o. mailing list. It would be a list for announcing 
all release/point-release announcements, important changes in the development 
(e.g. codename, whatever), DESAs, updates to stable packages, ...
I would like to request such a list, which would either be moderated or let 
mails with certain gpg signatures through. This way, it would be enough for 
users and admins to subscribe to this list to track all important 
announcements/changes/news for debian-edu .
This, of course, does not have any impact on the other user/admin lists as 
they still fill in their purpose.
If there is some positive feedback, then I will mail the listmasters and ask 
for such a list, so feedback would be welcome.


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