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Re: GeoSoftware on LTSP: Marble and GoogleEarth

Am Mittwoch, 8. August 2007 21:53:40 schrieb RalfGesellensetter:
> Am Mittwoch 08 August 2007 11:31 schrieb Patrick Winnertz:
> > I know the marble upstream author very well (works in my company).
> > marble is written with qt4 and won't compile on sarge since sarge
> > uses qt3.
> As for Torsten, I know him, too. But even running KDE 3 it is possible
> to use a qt4 build system AFAIK.
yes of course...  my point was: sarge doesn't include qt4 (only in 
backports, and I don't know if qt4 in backports is working or broken). 
If you have an running qt4 it should be possible to backport.

> > > As for non-free software, GoogleEarth installs well on my LTSP and
> > > runs fine from within a remote NX session. However, I cannot start
> > > it from any thin client. Some GLX/OpenGL settings seem to be messed
> > > up. Any clue here? Tried several options, but never succeeded.
> >
> > You'll need OpenGL to run GoogleEarth and as long as I know our
> > thinclients are not supposed to have a 3d grafik. (You'll need kernel
> > modules, etc.).
> Does this mean that NX implies a OpenGL system? How about using NX for
> the ThinClients then? Otherwise, http://flashearth.com/ could be an
> alternative.

No NX implies not a working OpenGL system.. but if it is there you are of 
course able to execute apps which use OpenGL. 

The OpenGL is an driver issue and you can't fix this with using nx for 
thinclients ;)

I don't know flashearth ... lets have a look ;)


> Regards
> Ralf

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