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Re: GeoSoftware on LTSP: Marble and GoogleEarth

Am Dienstag, 7. August 2007 23:59:29 schrieb RalfGesellensetter:
> Dear list,
> this refers to a Sarge LTSP.
> After testing Marble 0.4 on my local Debain installation, I would love
> to have it on my Sarge LTSP; but even the outdated 0.3-1 version in
> Debian unstable does not compile there. Any directions to backports?
I know the marble upstream author very well (works in my company). marble 
is written with qt4 and won't compile on sarge since sarge uses qt3.

> As for non-free software, GoogleEarth installs well on my LTSP and runs
> fine from within a remote NX session. However, I cannot start it from
> any thin client. Some GLX/OpenGL settings seem to be messed up. Any
> clue here? Tried several options, but never succeeded.
You'll need OpenGL to run GoogleEarth and as long as I know our thinclients 
are not supposed to have a 3d grafik. (You'll need kernel modules, etc.).


> Thanks so far
> regards
> Ralf.

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