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Re: List who is logged in where

Am Freitag 03 August 2007 11:54 schrieb Trond Mæhlum:
> rwho returns "who", but not the terminals name.

Dear Trond,

as I was the initial reporter of the corresponding bug #865

I'd like to widen the task to work in any layout:
terminal servers and workstations (using different OS) in a mixed 

On one of our first tjeners, I set up separate log files for every 
machine (both for windows and linux clients). These central log files 
could then be evaluated by a script that was triggered by a "webmin 

FAJ's comment to evaluate the auth.log could goes into the right 
direction. As my first approach to deliver data from clients would be 
quite inefficient (as you need to get data from any system), it would 
be better to collect data server based. It shouldn't be to hard to 
evaluate the log files of the PAM/Auth server. 


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