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Re: Some download and installation stats

Am Sonntag 29 Juli 2007 21:33 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> Do I believe these numbers for installations are accurate?  Not at
> all.  But I suspect they give some idea of the amount of
> installations of Debian Edu 3.0r0 being done around the work.

Dear Petter,

I think you are using a valid Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE):

debian-edu-etch-source-DVD-3.0r0.iso            0,12              8 
debian-edu-etch-powerpc-netinst-3.0r0.iso       0,06              4 
debian-edu-etch-i386-netinst-3.0r0.iso          2,15            138 
debian-edu-etch-*-DVD-3.0r0.iso                97,67           6278
Total                                         100,00           6428

Given 142 downloads of netinst CDs resulting in 48+14=62 installations 
(ratio: 0.44), and persuming the same download-install ratio for 6278 
DVD downloads observed, we get even 2741 installations resulting from 

There might be only two flaws: The ratio of netinstallations might 
deviate from DVD installs, and your netinstall-logger will also observe 
installations from CDs that have been distributed from foreign sources 
(direct copies, mirrors etc.). Thinking about it, netinst-CD will 
mostly be used with clients (many), DVDs will mostly be used for 
servers (few). 

Let's hope that PopCon tells us more one day... ;)

Kind regards

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