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Re: Translation status for the installation questions (6 done, 16 not done)

Am Thursday, den 19. July hub Ralf Gesellensetter folgendes in die Tasten:

> thank you for this fast and good job. Just two comments (to be
> discussed):
> I consider "Maschine" inappropriate as translation for "machine" here,
> I'd prefer "Rechner" - what do you think?


> Describing the Tjener/Mainserver profile, the original text advises to
> select workstation or ltsp as _additional_ profile, if the installer
> wants a GUI which is missing if _only_ mainserver is selected.
> Something like:

I did not change this, I just translated the two untranslated items.

>                      "... Dieses Profil beinhaltet keine grafische "
> "Oberfläche (GUI); falls Sie ein GUI wünschen, müssen Sie zusätzlich "
> "das Profil »Arbeitsplatzrechner« oder »Terminal-Server« installieren."

I would prefer:
s/ein GUI/eine graphische Oberfläche/

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