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Re: Possibility to add gwenview, krita, kdict, and enable Java in browsers?

Onsdag 11. juli 2007, skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
> Which package are you talking about?  We add a lot of games, and none
> of them seem to be called blackjack.

It's a part of gnome-games:


> When that is said, I must admit I believe your argument is flawed.
> Any game can be used as a money game, and if we should remove games
> based on that criteria, we would have no games left.  

You are right that any game can be used as a money game. But since blackjack 
is a money game by default, it's easy for parents to object, expesially in 
primary schools. 

> Also if we are to remove everything some parents might protest on, 
> am I sure we would be completely without programs.  

My experience are that we got little protest concerning the software and 
games installed. We will certanly get some eyebrowsing when it comes to 
blackjack which is a money game. 

> After all, Debian is full of daemons 
> and any extremist would find something to object to in any program.  

No you won't. The translaters has done a whole lot of work to replace nasty 
words as deamons and kill in user interfaces. Novell Norway chritisised the 
woluntary work done with translating the desktop because customers rejected 
Novells Gnome "enterprise" desktop because some programs had kill in menu 
options. Head of Novell said they lost sales because of that, and he uses 
that as an argument to not work together with free software developers on 
translating free software. 

It was easy for the translators to remove most of the nasty words as kill to 
reasonable Norwegian words. But Novell of cource did not care about what we 
did when improving, beacuse they Novell got an other agenda to use "flaws" 
in translation to diskredit the voluntary effort. Novell does not contribut 
to free software when it comes to Norwegian translations of free software. 
When they considered doing so, they actually behaved unreasonable saying 
that work others has done is not up to standard, without contributing 
anything or engaging in the quality work. And the woluntairs did a review 
of some translations, and improved. 

So even if we improved the translation after this feedback, Novell tells 
negative stories about the voluntary contributions in Norway. After what 
I've heard its no change there. 

> I am sure christian fundamentalist will protest on everything related to
> singing, dansing and frivolient behaviour.  If we are to remove
> packages and games, I believe it should be because _we_ find them
> unsuitable for our target audience, not because someone might not like
> them.

I think the fight for freedom is more important than letting a single money 
gambling game get in between. When I sugges to remove such game when it 
comes to primary schools it's to prevent Novell and other with bad 
intentions to stop our effort. 

Best regards

Knut Yrvin

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