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some minor checks

Testing main server + workstation I've noticed some "non-rc" bugs :

- mozilla-plugin-gnash is installed, so when going to web sites using
flash you don't notice you need flash. You begin to watch youtube and
only listen on a blank screen, etc, etc. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've heard
gnash was not going to be included as it's in alpha and the results of
including it could be quite disappointed. I think the stand-alone gnash
application could be useful if we distribute some flash based
application that are tested on this gnash version, but for the web the
results are awful.
- small fonts on gtk applications are seing quite ugly (just take a look
at google using iceweasel). It seems antialiasing is not working on gtk
from kde. I don't know why, I've googled and it seems a common problem,
but no one of the recipes I've found fixed it.
- gtk theme is also quite ugly, just take a look o the open file dialog
in iceweasel. In fact there is no gtk-theme insalled. This can be fixed
installing gnome-themes and gtk2-engines-gtk-qt. Both packages are in
the dvd, but add 3765 Kb to the installed system.
- The menus for the educative applications really suck. I think it's too
late to change it in etch, but it sucks anyway: A "science and maths
branch in the main menu, a maths branch under the educative branch in
the main menu, applications under another "lost & found branch", qcad in
two different branches, viewmol or rosegarden twice in the same branch,
etc, etc...
- whenever I try to remove the proxy from konqueror to connect to
Internet directly, it ignores me (even as root). So, at home, I've not
been able to use konqueror for the web. is it a kiosk feature or a

That's all, not too much, but  it would be good if we can polish some of
these things.

José L.

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