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Documentation, and generic questions

I'm not subscribed to this list.
i would like to know:

1-is the wiki documentation
(http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Manuals) refeared to
the stable version of skolelinux? Is it appliable to the testing

2-when do you think to release the new stable verions?
Is there a roadmap on the wiki? I didn't find it (but I'm reading fat now).

3-I downloaded the dvd (testing) and found a problem. Should I post
the message in this list or is it better in the "admin-discuss"
Ok, I'll say it anyway :-)  :when I was trying to install debian-edu
it didn't allow me to choose the manul partitioning then I've been
obbligated to terminate the installation.
The machine was a kaptop Asus A6Vm and I chose Main server and LTSP
server (if it can help).

4-I just have the image file of the DVD, does rsysnc re-download it
all, or only the the differences? In ather words, is it faster?

I'm workin on a project for use Linux in a elementary school.
Skolelinux seems to match perfectly what we need. I will do my best to
help this project.
I hope I/we'll be able to install the new version of skolelinux (based on etch).

Thanks for you great job.

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