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Re: Documentation, and generic questions

Fredag 29 juni 2007 16:45, skrev Valerio Pachera:
> 3-I downloaded the dvd (testing) and found a problem. Should I post
> the message in this list or is it better in the "admin-discuss"
> (https://init.linpro.no/mailman/skolelinux.no/listinfo/admin-discuss)
>? Ok, I'll say it anyway :-)  :when I was trying to install debian-edu
> it didn't allow me to choose the manul partitioning then I've been
> obbligated to terminate the installation.
> The machine was a kaptop Asus A6Vm and I chose Main server and LTSP
> server (if it can help).

You need to boot with 'expert' or 'expertgui' to be able to do manual 

You should have been able to read that in the non-existing 
documentation :-(
Klaus Ade
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