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[Bug 1203] network Manager makes it impossible to log in on a laptop set up as a workstation


------- Additional Comments From faj@bzz.no  2007-06-29 09:54 -------
I guess the component is dragged in by the laptop-task, the person who installed
the machine is a typical "engaged teacher" who installs Debian-edu to better use
the sparse resources the school has to provide a working ICT-environment. 

And he is planning on installing debian-edu on a number of teachers laptops.
I guess he learned why he should install laptops as standalone, and not as

But the fix was rather easy: 
 allow-hotplug eth0
 iface eth0 inet dhcp

 allow-hotplug ath0
 iface ath0 inet dhcp
      wireless-essid "<hidden to protect the guilty>"

Maybe the correct thing would be to mark all interfaces as allow-hotplug ? 


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