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Re: openSUSE to release "add-on" distro image dubbed 'SLEDucator'

On Tuesday 26. June 2007 16:04, Anders Kringstad Hanssen wrote:
> Should we perhaps try to integrate or at least communicate with them so
> that we do not get another flawed process like previous launches of such
> 'Education' distros?

We actually tried to get in contact with SuSE when they released their 
previous attemt to make a "school" distribution back in 2003-2004. SuSE sendt 
out a press statement telling about a school server/desktop initiativ. Just 
after 4-6 month SuSE gave an other statement, discontinuing their "school" 
effort. It was nothing other than press statements out there. 

Back then Skolelinux was promoted well in Germany. SuSE came with a press 
statement. They made some fuss, and we did not see or here anything more. 
From a marketing point of view they gave the following message. Stick with us 
because we will bet on schools too. Maybe some heads of schools and 
municipalities stopped considering Skolelinux, and forgot the whole thing 
after 4-6 months. 

In my mind this is just a tacktic for helping Microsoft Windows, but i don't 
know if SuSE saw that back then. 

Now the situation is different. A relatively active bunch of free software 
developers makes OpenSuSE. OpenSuSE govern it self more independently from 
Novell SuSE that is the commercial effort. 

> Does anyone know the people involved with this openSUSE project?

I've met several Open SuSE people at different conferences. I've actively 
asked them if they would at all consider using LTSP and join the porting and 
testing effort, also looking at educational applications. 

According to Jim Mcquillans talk at FISL 8.0 in Brazil this spring, Ubuntu 
started rewriting LTSP. Debian catched up pretty fast and K12LTSP includes it 
too. Thats the three leading distroes working on, and including LTSP, Jim 
said, also inviting SuSE developers to that effort. A lots of good things 
have happend with LTSP lately. 

Open SuSE developers I met at LinuxTag 2007 in May did not talked about LTSP 
at all. It seems that the add on CD just contains additional softwere 
packages, cool look and feel, and maybe some network services "out of the 

In my mind we should ask Open SuSE developers if their interested in sharing 
ideas and experience with us. I can't see that that should have a downside 
(even if I don't agree with the Novell-Microsoft patent deal that's basicly 
breaks Norwegian and European patent legislation, and has no meaning at all). 

Me myself would not do much more in this case, other than ask about their LTSP 
effort if I get the chance. We have a whole lot of things going on with 
Extremadura, and I think thats more important to spend time on. But thats how 
I prioritise :)

Best regards

Knut Yrvin
With the Skolelinux hat on. 
cell: + 47 908 95 765

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