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Re: please test newer ltsp/ltspfs

Thank you for your test report.  Very good to hear that it mostly

[Andreas Schockenhoff]
> But sound on thin clients seems to be broken again. 
> Now he say that he can not contact server and will using the null
> device. But esd runns ....

Hm.  Not good.  What is the setting of the ESPEAKER environment
variable (env|grep ESPEAKER)?

> Sorry I have not the time in the moment for a good bug report may be
> some other will test it. In the last days I have had problems with
> the rsync but I hope they are solved. :-)

Are you aware that the rsync modules changed from skolelinux-* to cd-*
to match the directories in ftp/http.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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