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Re: please test newer ltsp/ltspfs


Am Mittwoch, den 20.06.2007, 16:07 -0700 schrieb vagrant@freegeek.org:
> but also testing that local devices on thin clients still work would
> also be useful.
A very quick test say seems to work.

> i just noticed another bug in ltsp that may affect floppy support.
> preparing another upload now...
Yes also files on a floppy I have seen.

But sound on thin clients seems to be broken again. 

Now he say that he can not contact server and will using the null
device. But esd runns .... 

Sorry I have not the time in the moment for a good bug report may be
some other will test it. In the last days I have had problems with the
rsync but I hope they are solved. :-)  

bye Andreas

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