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Re: skolelinux.no website layout broken?


Does anyone know who is now in charge of the website administration? I will take a look at the site as soon as I can but at the moment i don't have access. Also the Choose Language Page causes ten validation errors which will also need to be fixed.

This is just my opinion but would it not be a better idea to have a link to information about the new SkoleLinux 3.0 as opposed to a download of the beta because some users could download it accidently meaning they would be running an insecure and unstable version.

I'm not sure when the release for 3.0 is but would there still be time to get together a kind of 'marketing campaign' to inform and persuade potential users? I was thinking along the lines of maybe a couple of PDF brochures expalining the features, key software and other relevant information. If anyone thinks this could be useful please let me know because i would need some content for all of these things as at the moment i know very little about SkoleLinux, however i would be willing to do the majority of the graphic design work if no one else wants to.



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