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Re: [Fwd: Re: new commits list?]


Von: Kurt Gramlich <kurt@skolelinux.de>
> well, we have now more then 400 people registered in the german
> wiki and i am proud of this.

Great! (But we don't talk about the german wiki here...)

> this will last some time, i also will try to ask Alexander, if it
> is possible to set the default to trivial.

Actually I think it's a bug that no commit mail is send for trivial updates. 
It allows me to make BIIIIG changes, click on "trivial update" and noone will 

But that's also besides the point of the original request :)

> > So our proposal would be: a new commits list only for wiki commits, so
> > that the commits list for svn and cvs commits is free of this stuff.
> i am against this, because not only cvs is important to be
> automaticly informed.

We are not thinking about disabling commit mails for the wiki edits, just 
sending them to a different mailinglist. So everybody who wants to be 
informed, can be informed. (And btw, I don't think it's ethical to inform 
people about things they don't want to know - that's spamming.)

Currently wiki edits (from wiki.debian.org, not wiki.s.de) and svn commits go 
to commits@skolelinux.no - the proposal is that svn commits still go to  
commits@skolelinux.no but that wiki edit commit mails go to 

I'm even in favor of subscribing everyone who is subscribed to 
commits@skolelinux.no to wiki-commits@skolelinux.no - so that there is no 
hassle for those who want to keep getting the wiki-commit-mails. And those 
who dont want them can then unsubscribe as explained in the bottom of each 


P.S./BTW: shouldn't it be @skolelinux.org? :)

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