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[Fwd: Re: new commits list?]

Forwarding this, as this belong into the thread on the ML.


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Betreff: Re: new commits list?
Datum: Wed, 9 May 2007 15:19:17 +0200
Von: Kurt Gramlich <kurt@skolelinux.de>
An: Patrick Winnertz <patrick.winnertz@skolelinux.org>
Referenzen: <4641C297.1010005@skolelinux.org>

* Patrick Winnertz <patrick.winnertz@skolelinux.org> [070509 14:43]:

> Hey Fellow Developers!
> pere and I talked today on IRC about our commits lists and we both think
> that this list is spammed by too many wiki changes (especially the
> german wiki).

well, we have now more then 400 people registered in the german
wiki and i am proud of this.

the last day we got a lot of newbies, the have to learn how to
use trivial update.

this will last some time, i also will try to ask Alexander, if it
is possible to set the default to trivial.

> So our proposal would be: a new commits list only for wiki commits, so
> that the commits list for svn and cvs commits is free of this stuff.
> What do you think?

i am against this, because not only cvs is important to be
automaticly informed.

why do you not use a filter?

but i think its important, that you know, what in the german wiki
happen ;-)

> Greetings
> Patrick

Regards/AmicaLinuxement/Saludos/Viele Gruesse!
Kurt Gramlich
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