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mEDUXa docu is beeing published

Hi all,

all mEDUXa docu is beeing published here:


it is in spanish. After we publish everything we have written last couple of 
years, we are going to publish the code in launchpad. Hopefully, after 
everything is public, we can translate the most relevant documentation. 

If you guys are interested in something special, please let me know to see if 
I can accelerate the translation.

From my point of view, our kde desktop for little kids can interest you. I'll 
try next week to publish the kiosk mode config we have done. Those configs + 
some screenshots + the apps added to that desktop + the usability 
requirements and objetives that justify those configs, are the basis of what 
we can offer you in a short term. These days we do not have much manpower to 
do it, so it is going to be a slow proccess. Anyway, we are determined to 
make every public so it is just a matter of time.

Agustin Benito Bethencourt
mEDUXa's Development Coordinator
Director de Ejercicios Resueltos ( Grupo CPD )

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