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Re: Notes on getting hotplug devices (USB sticks) to work in Debian Edu

[Otavio Salvador]
> Can this also be used for CDROM handling? I'm on the exactly same
> problem of group maintainence and would like to solve the issue as
> you suggested but it would also need to handle CD-ROM and floopies
> access.

I'm not sure.  Depend on what you want to do.  We also modify the
pam_group setup to add users in the cdrom and floppy group when they
log into the console, and I expect that to give access to the devices.
As for mounting, I expect hal will mount both cdrom and floppies when
requested using the dbus.

So in short, yes, I believe so, but am unsure what you want to do. :)

Petter Reinholdtsen

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