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Re: [slx-www-int] www.skolelinux.no - Norwegian site in new public beta

* James Herrington <james.herrington@tiscali.co.uk> [070505 16:00]:

> >nice, thanks, perhaps put below Navigation
> >
> >http://www.skolelinux.de/images/award.jpg
> I will work on doing that, I have tried adding a block to the right sidebar 
> but no luck. I'll work on getting this on there asap.
> >are you using a cms?
> >
> >which one?
> Yes, the site is currently running on drupal, and i believe its version 5.x
> >i would like to see somewhere:
> >
> >http://www.skolelinux.de/images/automat/skole-europ.png
> I'm not sure whereabouts i should place this because i dont speak norwegian 
> therefore don't understand any of the articles. If you want that included 
> on a new page you'll probably either have to create a page yourself or talk 
> to the people who are currently writing the content for the site.
> Also, i know that the site will be translated to english but will it be 
> translated to other languages such as german etc? If so would it be a good 
> idea to have a central page on skolelinux.org that offers the user the 
> choice of which language they would like to view. They could then be 
> redirected to skolinux.no or skolelinux.co.uk etc. Do you think this is a 
> good idea?

yes i would like this.

we need about 10 or 15 pages only as showcase, and all
information there should be proofed ;-)

and of cours links to the wikis

> Thanks
> James 

Thanks for your work!

Regards/AmicaLinuxement/Saludos/Viele Gruesse!
Kurt Gramlich
GnuPG Key ID 0xE263FCD4

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