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www.skolelinux.no - Norwegian site in new public beta

Hello everyone.

The board of Fri programvare i skolen (FRISK) have for some time
now been working on getting a new version of the Skolelinux-project
webpages ready for public display.

After getting content from the wiki lifted over and the massive
graphical help of James Herrington over the past two weeks we have a
norwegian edition ready and in public beta.

The page can be viewed at www.skolelinux.no.

We are currently working on getting the content w3c-compliant, and
publishing relevant information to newcomers and decision-makers
in norwegian.

Links to the wiki, further readings etc are kept and will be a part
of the pages permanent so that people with interest in the development
can get in touch with the project.

The Developer gathering in Trondheim in june (1.-3.) will include a
workshop focusing on the new pages, mainly on brushing up content and
getting a final edition out of the door.

An english edition should be expected in public beta at the end of may
or during the gathering in Trondheim.

We greatly encourage participation from anyone interested in putting
a polished and "sales"-styled webpage online. We hope you will embrace
this new page and help us get translations ready from the english
edition online as soon as it's ready for use.

(o_   / With regards,
 |   /  Anders Kringstad Hanssen - <akai at skolelinux dot no>
//\-X   Elected leader, FRISK (Skolelinux norway) <www.skolelinux.no>
V_/_    Elected leader, Trondheim Linux User Group (TLUG) - <www.tlug.no>

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