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priorities for bugzilla


I intend to classify and categorize all 60 open bugs in our bugzilla using the 
following metrics:

My proposal for priorities:

p1 = we cannot release without that fixed
p2 = we will not release without that fixed 
p3 = we want to fix that before release, but maybe we will not manage
p4 = we will not fix this for etch, but for lenny
p5 = we will fix this someday

My proposal for severities is to use those from bugzilla: :-)

Blocker:     Blocks development and/or testing work 
Critical:    crashes, loss of data, severe memory leak 
Major:       major loss of function 
Normal:      loss of function
Minor:       minor loss of function, or other problem with an easy workaround
Trivial:     cosmetic problem like misspelled words or misaligned text 
Enhancement: Request for enhancement 

Comments? I plan to document this on a wikipage later.

is the link for bugs ordered by priority.

Next step after this will be to make sure all bugs in the status of Etch 
wikipage are linked to their bug in bugzilla.


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