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please help (27 bugs need confirmation) Re: priorities for bugzilla


as I needed for a machine anyway, I went ahead and reorganized the bugs as 
suggested. (I wonder why I have not received mails from bugzilla so far.)

On Thursday 03 May 2007 16:35, Holger Levsen wrote:
> I intend to classify and categorize all 60 open bugs in our bugzilla using
> the following metrics:
> My proposal for priorities:
> p1 = we cannot release without that fixed
> p2 = we will not release without that fixed
> p3 = we want to fix that before release, but maybe we will not manage
> p4 = we will not fix this for etch, but for lenny
> p5 = we will fix this someday
> My proposal for severities is to use those from bugzilla: :-)
> Blocker:     Blocks development and/or testing work
> Critical:    crashes, loss of data, severe memory leak
> Major:       major loss of function
> Normal:      loss of function
> Minor:       minor loss of function, or other problem with an easy
> workaround Trivial:     cosmetic problem like misspelled words or
> misaligned text Enhancement: Request for enhancement
> Comments? I plan to document this on a wikipage later.

now lists 59 bugs nicely after those priorities, followed by severities.

shows 27 bugs which need confirmation, that they are still there. This is an 
ideal place to start to help! Please use a recent install with etch-test to 
confirm those bugs. If you can confirm those bugs, please report that in 
bugzilla (add a comment what you have done to confirm the bug and then please 
change the subject of the bug). Thanks!

> Next step after this will be to make sure all bugs in the status of Etch
> wikipage are linked to their bug in bugzilla.


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