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cipux: (semi-)automated build, dfsg-free (and smaller)


http://developer.skolelinux.no/~holger/CipUX/make_orig_tar_and_build_debs is a 
bash script, which checks out cipux from svn (even if you don't have an 
alioth account or are not a member of the cipux project), creates a 
dfsg.orig.tar.gz and builds the cipux debs. You need to execute it in a 
etch/sid environment and the only build-depends cipux has, is debhelper. 
Enjoy! :)

When run it needs the cipux version as a parameter, currently it's 3.2.11

This script removes cipux-deploy from the cipux-source before it creates a 
cipux_$version.dfsg1.orig.tar.gz, because a.) we dont need cipux-deploy and 
b.) cipux-deploy contains free software (vmlinux and a initrd.gz) without 
those sources, thus making it non-free (a licence violation actually, but I 
leave this to upstream to resolve...) - and because of this I changed the 
version in debian/changelog to 3.2.12.dfsg1-1.

I also modified debian/rules and control not to build cipux-deploy (obviously) 
and cipux-cat-webmin, as we don't have webmin in debian anymore. And I added 
myself to uploaders in debian/control...

As a result, the source package is now only 2.7mb, and all binary(-all) 
packages together are 632kb.


P.S.: I'd like to put make_orig_tar_and_build_debs into svn as well, but at 
the moment I don't know where.

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