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Re: evelopers meeting from the 8th to the 12th of january in Soissons (France)

Knut Yrvin a écrit :
Fredag 08 desember 2006 20:43, skrev Marie-Laure DAINESI:
So, it's possible to change the dates to try to find the better period. So, If you prefer we can talk about that during an online meeting to be able to define the date for the january meeting.

The question is basically, will there be extra participants that could
join the developer gatherings if it was included a weekend before or
after the second week in January (8-12th)? If this is an option, do
you prefer the 6-7th of January or the 13-14th?

By adding two extra fields in the table of participants, people can add a cross for whats most convenient. Give people a week to decide, and thats it. Everything is settled. I don't think that the dates now selected should be changed. That will only make additonal problems for the 10 persons said yes to join for now.
Is this possible?
It's possible for us to include a week end either befor or after the week. So I will ask this question to the list as you said.

Thanks for your help in this organisation.

Best regards

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