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Re: evelopers meeting from the 8th to the 12th of january in Soissons (France)

Knut Yrvin a écrit :
On Thursday 7. December 2006 18:02, Marie-Laure DAINESI wrote:
I'm Marie-Laure from Cetril and I organise the next developers meeting
in Soissons that will take place from the 8th to the 12th of january in
Today, we only have 8 personns who have booked a place for the stay so
would you want to conserv this dates or do you prefer to modificate them
and to come later ?
Usually, the Skolelinux/DebianEdu gatherings include a weekend. A lot of the 
voluntary developers, translators and teachers are busy working with other 
things throughout the week. By making the gathering over a long weekend, 
contributors can get two-three days off instead of five days. Thats more easy 
to negotiate with our employer. 

I'll suggest this days: 

Wednesday (travel to dev.camp in the afternoon), 
Thursday (some will travel early to dev.camp), 
Monday (travel in the afternoon), 
Tuesday (some stay over and travel early). 

This introduces flexibility that will get more developer / translators / and 
other contributors to come.

So thats my advice: include one weekend. 

I'll say that's impressive that 8 persons says they will join a whole week 
right after Christmas, a major holiday in most of European countries. When it 
comes to full week developer gatherings, most of them are done through the 
summer, when developers can use a week of their summer holliday. There are 
exceptions of course :) 

Best regards 

Knut Yrvin
It's important for Cetril to help community project and to help developers to organise meetings. So, it's possible to change the dates to try to find the better  period. So, If you prefer we can talk about that during an online meeting to be able to define the date for the january meeting.

The dev camp could be take between the 10th and the 16th of january.

Best regards

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