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Re: Article on KDE usability for Kids

Andreas Tille wrote:

> Nice.  On the other hand I read the article not as "KDE"
> usability but as "Linux" usability.  Formerly I had installed
> Gnome at my box and KDE (because claimed as easier to use)
> on the box of my father.  Now I'm running xfce.  Guess what
> my son likes most?  He was very quick in installing xfce and
> I'll switch my fathers box next time I find some time to
> explain him the changes (he hates any change even new versions).

> I never ever understanded the attraction of KDE regarding
> usability.  

It is not about usability foremost on Snøfrix Live-Cd.
10 year old girls prefer the "Look and Feel" of KDE
in Snøfrix. "Rich in color" they call it.
The games on Snøfrix are prefered to the games girls can find online.
Where the girls lead, the boys will follow.

>The only pro I accept in the sense of Debian-Edu
> are the educational applications that integrate that nicely
> into the desktop.

Nicely is the word.
Do not overlook "Look and Feel"

What you can get away with in a classroom setting where the kids have no choice is one thing.
What they would choose given a free choice might be quite different.
Windows Vista Anyone? 1GB RAM - 4Ghz CPU - Wooow - Cool - Look at that desktop.
In 3 months it will be in the shops. Less in More, but don't put your savings on it.
The Consumer is King.

Give me the "Pink Cadillac with huge horns up front cause I feel rich tonight and I'm heading for the Casino in the desert" feeling.
Mama- Give me high heel shoes and a red silk dress while I'm at it :-)
Walk over to the closest ToysRus.  Been over to the old toyshop lately? - Me neither. It's gone.
Take a deep breath and feel the rich capitalist athmosphere when the boy next to you 
takes aim and "Shoots" you with an AK-47/Lasergun :-)
Kids prefer toys rich in color with flashy design.
Look at the pens and pencils girls buy in the shops.
Did it look utilitarian Drab Dark Green with HB embossed on it?
You got the idea :-)

They spend their "hard earned" inherited cash from grandma with utmost care.
Instinctly knowing that grandma won't be back with more millions to replenish their savings account.
More bang/fun for the buck/dollar - Stretch the dollars to the limit - When its gone it is gone.

The best part with a live Cd is that you can give that old clunker PIII 800 computer new life
by pulling the hardisk cable and putting in a snappy 15 EUROs 48x CD-ROM INSIDE
the computer. 
That way ugly basic evil intent boys cant ruin/scratch/steal/jump on the Linux Live-CD INSIDE the computer.
Unbreakable Linux :-) - Tried and tested. Just works.

Jim Oksvold

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