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Progress for Sami support in Debian Installer?

After a discussion at the beginning of November, the support for Sami
has been re-enabled. However, given the current statistics of the file
(975t10f550u), there is indeed no chance that Børre alone can complete
the whole file enough for us (D-I developers) to re-include the
translations in Debian Installer.

So, the language is currently available....but translations
aren't. This allows to avoid difficulties for Debian-edu to reactivate
it, but that's all.

What I propose is a mid-solution. I have isolated, in D-I, the "core"
messages, ie the messages used for packages involved in default
installs (mostly i386/amd64 messages, grub only, not lvm stuff, etc).

The file is "only" made of 829 strings and stats for Sami are:

Stats: 663 translated messages, 17 fuzzy translations, 149
untranslated messages. (I estimate this to only 1 week or 10 days, no

The file is in "packages/po/sublevel1" in D-I SVN. If you work on it,
please DO NOT update this file directly. When completed, send it to
me, I'll merge it with the main D-I file.

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