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Re: Article on KDE usability for Kids

On Fri, 1 Dec 2006, Ralf Gesellensetter wrote:

http://reallylinux.com/docs/linuxforkids.shtml is a must for reading ;)

Nice.  On the other hand I read the article not as "KDE"
usability but as "Linux" usability.  Formerly I had installed
Gnome at my box and KDE (because claimed as easier to use)
on the box of my father.  Now I'm running xfce.  Guess what
my son likes most?  He was very quick in installing xfce and
I'll switch my fathers box next time I find some time to
explain him the changes (he hates any change even new versions).

I never ever understanded the attraction of KDE regarding
usability.  The only pro I accept in the sense of Debian-Edu
are the educational applications that integrate that nicely
into the desktop.

Kind regards



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