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Re: Adding amd64 port for debian-edu?

[Holger Levsen]
> We should start with CDs only. And there is still the plan of moving
> our builds to cdimage.debian.org - can we cope with 1.5gb more space
> needed on our machine now? (df is kind of hard to parse on
> a.skolelinux.no :)

Yes, there is room for it.  There is 91 GiB unused in the vg_system
LVM group, and 66 GiB unused in the vg_data group.

The problem is when we want to keep all released CDs around, this
quickly become a lot of data.  ~ftp/skolelinux-cd/ now uses 17 GiB.
For every DVD image it would increase by 4.4 GiB.  For every CD image
it will increase ~700 MiB.  This storage is expencive, as it is RAIDed
and backed to to tape.  Perhaps we do not need to keep it around for
so long?  How long do we want to keep it?

>>  - Increases load on build server.
> Is that really a blocker?

Probably not.  I did not mean to list blocker problems, but factors to
take into consideration when deciding if we want amd64 images or not.

> So there is no macromedia-flash, "only" gnash. Is that a blocker?

Nope, not a blocker either.  But it does limit the usefulness of the
port.  But the same problem is present for powerpc.  The fix for this
is to get the free flash implementations up and running.  I suspect
the gnash maintainer need help with the package to keep up to date
with upstream.

> Or do the positive aspects weight more? Or the wishes of the users,
> wanting amd64?

I'm not sure if the positive aspects weight more.  Are there other
positive factors than increased memory address space?  The flip side
of that is slower binaries as the programs become larger and more CPU
cache space is spent on the programs. :/

Petter Reinholdtsen

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