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Re: Cipux on Ubuntu (was Re: Cipux on alioth)

Hi Nicolas,

On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 01:22:02PM +0200, Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
> I have just received a mail from Xavier on DE-fr about Cipux.

> Cipux looks like a very interesting project for all educative
> platforms.
Yes, it is use since 2000 in the Univesity of Bielefeld (trustix).
And there are several installtions in Germany on SuSE (CipUX 2.x)
after 2003. So 2.x was completly platform independent. My wih is
that 3.2.x will became platform indipendent again.

> I use Edubuntu with LTSP (Dapper preview ) and not skolelinux and I am
> wonder how difficult it would be to install Cipux from scratch on a
> fresh Edubuntu Dapper that does *not* have any ldap, nor webmin
> (webmin is not packaged for Ubuntu).

Actual I do not know how difficult is is. But it should be possible.
This would be the first time on Ubuntu. So we might have to do some 
investigations on package names.

If you would to try it on Ubuntu, then I can help you! 
Do you have the download URL from your Dapper preview? 
(I never used Ubuntu, it always failed to install)

> Does Cipux use the usual PO mechanism for internationalisation and
> translation, and does it work with a French interface (or where can I
> find the .po files to translate it to French) .

Well, if you do not have Webmin on Ubuntu, we have the following

(1) Install Webmin on Ubuntu
    - then I point you to the right files
(2) Only use the shell API.  (CipUX can be uese without webmin)
(3) Help on developing an other GUI.
    - there is a project ongoing in France to develop a CipUX Moodle
      plugn in PHP
    - There is the plans to migrate the webmin modules, so that they
      can run under Apache
    - we can found a group who develop a Desktop GUI

The translation of Webmin GUI was made by the Webmin lang mechanism.
But I am a friend of *.po files. But there was no Time to implement.
The Frensh team have translated some parts of the CipUX Webmin
Interface to French. This is very easy.


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