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Re: 149 "TestSkoler" in School Database!

Am Donnerstag 11 Mai 2006 17:48 schrieb RalfGesellensetter:
> Out from nearly 150 schools having registered as "Testskoler", there
> are 107 Norwegian and about 30 in German speaking countiers. There
> are further schools in France, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Mali, Eritrea,
> Ireland, Greece and Belgium.

Dear list,

I created a wiki page at


where we can keep track of recent figures. At the same time this page is 
thought as a wrapper around the different PHP interfaces for the 
database. Feel free to adapt the page to your likings - and, please, 
translate to further languages.

Please also tell your opinion about the slightly slimlined bar chart 
which is now available in six languages.


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