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Re: 149 "TestSkoler" in School Database!

[Ralf Gesellensetter]
> Dear Skolelinux users and developers,
> it is really a pleasure to see the growing amount of schools that 
> consider Skolelinux/Debian-Edu the best solution for their needs.
> This should be motivating for developers and other contributors.

Yes, it is.  :)

But we should make an effort to check the quality of the entries,
possibly by contacting each one of them (automating the process), and
ask if they still are using debian-edu.  I assume quite a lot of the
mail addresses will bounce, and that some of the schools are no longer
using debian-edu.

> Maybe we should award the 150th (or 200th) school registering - thus
> attracting further schools.  Any ideas?

I guess we could give them some extra publicity.  Not sure if we have
anything else to offer. :)

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