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Re: "wireless" clients

>> Could anybody please elaborate on this issue? Is there a PXE version
for WLAN? Or some disk image project cpmparable to rom-o-matic?

If you go to the ltsp wiki, you will find some suggestions for booting 


> The LTSP pcmcia floppy works around this by putting together a plain old
>floppy bootloader, a linux kernel, some pcmcia NIC drivers, the pcmcia
>helper daemon, and some LTSP-specific boot scripts.
> To get something similar (or wireless) working with current LTSP,
>anup-to-date 2.6 kernel and related drivers and scripts need to be put

I don't understand this part. Surely the purpose of the boot floppy is to
get pcmcia and NIC up and running? Then the real kernel gets loaded.
So the reason the old boot floppy no longer works is because some things
its looking for are no longer located in the same places. This ought to be
fixable, isn't it?


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