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Re: Testskoler: List of Schools using Skolelinux

Am Mittwoch 03 Mai 2006 00:14 schrieb RalfGesellensetter:
> The map available from
> http://www.skolelinux.no/testskoler/map/skolelinux-europe.png shows a
> red dot in Calabria (Italy), whereas I fail to locate the
> corresponding school in the database. My fault? Or wrong coordinates?
> Please help me to check this.

Hi again,

as for this pin, I checked the geocode applet which now has interactive 
pins! I learned that the dot in Calabria is connected to a school in 
Eritrea (Massawa). Its correct position should read (according to 
Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massawa): 15°36'33" N / 
39°26'43"E. Apparently X/Y was swapped (The current UI does not allow 
editing those values for admins).


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